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24/7 UNIT RENTALS - Move-in to your unit immediately even when our office is closed!

Click the rent now button to rent online and start moving in to your unit today! You will receive a text message after renting a unit with your gate code and unit number so you can start moving in immediately. Your unit will be unlocked and ready for you to move in. All you need is a lock!

Sorry, we have no available units. Try checking back later.

We have a variety of unit sizes ranging from 5x10s through 10x30s. We also offer RV and Boat Parking. Rent online and move in as early as today! We offer your own unique gate code with 24 hour access, 24/7 video surveillance, and No Deposit.

Once you have rented a unit online, you will be given your unique gate code. The keypad at our facility is located between the 2 yellow bollards. You will need to enter "your gate code"# (example: 1234#). With our gate system, the # key acts as the "enter" key. If you have any questions or issues with your gate code, you can call us at (540) 908-2109.

Our Available Unit Sizes

5x10 Drive Up Self Storage Units

Our smallest size unit is our 5x10 unit. The units are 5 feet wide and 10 feet deep. The doors on these units are 4 feet wide roll up doors. These units are a great option if you are looking to store the contents of one smaller size bedroom. If you have belonging that are easily stackable or in totes, the 5x10 storage units will be able to hold a lot more!

10x10 Drive Up Self Storage Unit

The 10x10 storage units are 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep. Unlike the 5x10 units, the 10x10 roll up door goes from the 4 foot door to a 9 foot door. The larger door makes it easier for moving furniture and larger items. The general rule of thumb is a 10x10 unit will fit the average contents of a 2 bedroom home. In the range of 1,200-1,600 square feet.

The 10x10 units a a great option if you are looking for a spare shed. You can easily store things like lawn mowers, tools, small trailers, motorcycles, bikes and more.

10x15 Drive Up Self Storage Unit

Our next available unit size is the 10x15 unit. These units are a great bridge between the 10x10 and the larger 10x20 units. Like the 10x10 units, the 10x15 units also have the 9 foot wide door. The 10x15 unit is a great option for storing the contents of a multi-bedroom home. You will no issue storing multiple Beds, mattresses, couches, tables more.

The 10x15 Storage Units are also a great option for a garage type unit. You will easily be able to fit smaller boats, cars, and trailers. The 9 foot wide door makes it super easy to fit any types of trailer or vehicle.

10x20 Drive Up Storage Unit

The 10x20 is the most popular unit that we have. The 10x20 is a great option is you are moving or looking for a garage space. The 10x20 Storage Unit will hold the contents of a majority of homes. You will be able to store a the contents of multiple bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.

the great thing about the 10x20 units is that they are a great option for storing a vehicle. The majority of coupes, sedans and smaller SUVS will easily fit into these units. The 9 foot wide door and 20 feet between buildings allows plenty of run to get in and out of the unit. Along with cars, you can also store larger trailers and boats.

10x30 Drive Up Storage Unit

The largest unit that we offer is the 10x30 unit. Our 10x30 units are the full width of our building so these units will have a roll up door on each side. This allows for pull through access with Vehicles and trailers. Some tenants prefer this vs. the 10x20 units so they do not have to back into the unit.

The 10x30 units are also great for storage. The 10x30 units can hold a large amount of belongings. A multi-bedroom homes should fit into one of these units relatively easy. The great part about the dual door access is that you will be able to have two different access point to get your belongings if you inly need to grab one or two things.

RV And Boat Parking

We have 30 parking spot at our facility. Each spot allows for a maximum vehicle size of 40 feet and the spots are 12 feet wide to allow plenty of room for backing into spots. These parking spots are primarily used for RV's, Campers, Large Enclosed Trailers, and Boats!